Load Shedding Protection In SA


Motor standby powe 0.2W/H 

Lithium Battery

Using lithium battery to drive the motor, 

after 72 hours of power failure, the motor 

can still operate normally


When powered on, reverse charging is 

implemented, and the full charging time 

≤ 4 hours


Circuit Board

The circuit board adopts load shedding protection technology, support voltage fluctuations of 220V ↗  280V


Beneficial for self-protection 

of motors and protection of 

the South African power grid


Lithium Battery



Installation Method

Side Installation
(with metal bottom base)
Top Installation
(with plastic bottom base)


  • Input voltage: 24 V

  • Standby power (working state): Max 30.00uA

  • Max. continuous charging/discharging current ≤ 10A

  • PCM internal resistance: ≤ 60.00 mΩ

  • Capacity: 2.0Ah

  • Working temperature: -40℃ ~ +85℃

  • 0V charging supported