Garage Door Manufacture
The Best Garage Door Should Be With The Smartest Opener

Safety Ensurance

A strong self-lock power ensures the satety from sudden drop and thief. Also, automatic reverse system based on the standard of EN12453/EN12445 ensures the garage door can reverse within the time of 0.75 second, the power of 400N.

Adjustable Higher Speed

Force Garage Door Openers do not only offer a strong lifting force.With special designed gear motor, a powerful self-lock force ensures the garage door never drops even it is not installed properly.

Maintenance Alarm

A smart computer board inside Force garage door opener brings the features of cycles counter and maintenance alarm.
Not only with certain cycles, but also when the force sensor feels the lifting force is over 35kg, the maintenance alarm works.

Never Let Customers Wait Too Long

Fast & Easy Installation

Time is money, Force knows it well.
Pre-Assembly rails offer installers 2 minutes to finish the 2 or 3 parts rail. With suitable mounting spares, Force promise 20 minutes fast installation.Especially,with Force 2mm thick metal base, no worry of screw-loose or base cracking. After all, it is not plastic.

Best Garage Door + Best Opener = Good Business!

Brand Construction

An own brand is necessary to make your company popular and famous.
Force are open to help on your own brand construction, logo printing package design to let your customers remember you.


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