1. Warranty & Extra Accessories
The purchaser is granted a limited warranty covering the safe and reliable function of the Force garage door opener for a period of 5years* from the date of purchase the warranty period. Motor warranty 5 years, General warranty 3 years.
The amount of motor is less than 500 sets, more than 100 sets of motor ratio of 1%, greater than or equal to 500 sets: to provide 2% of the motor Greater than or equal to 1200 sets: to provide 4% of the motor.

2. Maintenance
A smart computer board inside Force garage door opener brings the features of cycles counter and maintenance alarm. Not only with certain cycles, but also when the force sensor feels the lifting force is over 35kg, the maintenance alarm works.
Monthly force setting test (if your door is equipped with an automatic opener system). With the door fully open, push your garage door opener’s transmitter or wall button to close the door. As the door is closing, hold up the bottom of the door with your hands outstretched and stiff. If the door does not easily reverse and continues to close, pull your hands away immediately. The closing force is excessive and the door should be serviced by a trained service technician.

Monthly door balance test. If your door is equipped with an automatic opener system: close the door and disconnect the automatic opener. Once you are able to lift the door manually: Lift the door. It should lift smoothly with little resistance and should remain fully open. If it is difficult to open or does not remain open, the door may be out of balance and should be serviced by a trained service technician.

3. Build Your Brand
An own brand is necessary to make your company popular and famous.
Force are open to help on your own brand construction, logo printing package design to let your customers remember you.
Force can offer the OEM service, which means, we can print your company name and logo on the motor and remotes, also, offer the package carton box with your own special design. Actually, most people want a brand for themselves.


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